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Breathable Metatarsal Pads - Ball Of Foot Pain Relief Cushions

Breathable Metatarsal Pads - Ball Of Foot Pain Relief Cushions

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Say goodbye to your foot pain from now on!!ūüėć

Gel pads are designed with special air holes across vented gel pads. Allows air to circulate move freely and make the heat more bearable even while you are active or stand long hours.

  • BREATHABLE: Soft gel pads have plenty of air holes for additional ventilation, which help reduce feet swelling, pain and discomfort during the working day.
  • COMFORTABLE:¬†Metatarsal cushions have an ergonomic design, do not slip, have no unpleasant odor, reduce pressure on the front foot and relieve pain when walking.
  • ADDITIONALLY:¬†Ball of foot cushions fit all types of shoes and are securely fixed with a safe glue, do not stick to the skin and do not have an unpleasant smell!
  • REUSABLE:¬†Ball footpad doesn‚Äôt slip and doesn‚Äôt have an unpleasant odor even after long day use. Metatarsal pads for women are easily and quickly cleaned with warm water and soap.

Our metatarsal pads help address numerous foot & toe problems.
‚ėě Metatarsal pads help¬†realign your metatarsal heads and the fat pad that's underneath them.
‚ėě Metatarsal pads are particularly¬†helpful in treating capsulitis, sesamoiditis, and neuromas.
‚ėěThey are applied directly into the shoes to¬†relax your foot and cushion the forefoot, metatarsal heads and ball of the foot.

Reusable - Metatarsal cushions can be used inside socks tennis shoe boots and all kinds of daily footwear. It's suitable for running, walking, hiking, cycling, and any active lifestyle person.

Product Details:
Item Type: Shoe Cushion
Material: Gel
Model Number: Silicone Forefoot Pad
Gender: Men, Women
Color: White
Function: Corns, Blisters, Calluses, Bruised Foot, Metatarsalgia, Foot Pains

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